More About Me

Why Real Estate?

An avid traveler, cyclist and music lover, Todd Wagoner found his true calling in real estate. After having lived and worked in New York for several years, he returned to his hometown of Seattle to help his clients experience the joy of life in the city. For Todd, there is no better feeling in the world than being able to hand off the keys to a new homeowner.

As a broker, he focuses on forming a strong connection with his clients, centering their wants and needs throughout the process. His flexible approach to real estate allows him to pivot based on the moment-to-moment changes in the market, making the most of new opportunities and saving busy clients valuable time. Prior to real estate, Todd worked in sales and consulting for the biotech industry, honing his skills in negotiation, marketing and cooperative communication with his fellow brokers.

Todd prides himself on his ability to connect with his clients, and his enthusiasm and passion for real estate are contagious. Many of his former clients keep in touch long after their transaction has closed. Beyond his hard skills in business, Todd offers necessary emotional support to help his clients throughout the journey.

When he’s not busy working, Todd loves spending time with his wife of 20 years and their daughter. He’s also an active member of the Cascade Bicycle Club and loves planning future trips (so far his favorite place to visit is Tokyo). He loves chatting with his clients about everything from the local market to his favorite cycling routes.