More About Me

Why Real Estate?

Working for 17 years in biotechnology, I developed a strong passion for consulting and teaching. As a result I
enjoy engaging with people face to face to listen and explain the current market in understandable terms.
In real estate, I’ve found a profession that affords me the opportunity to apply my skills and arrive at a highly
rewarding goal; finding the right home for my clients.

About Me

Growing up in the Seattle area and going to University of Washington, it’s safe to say that I enjoy the great outdoors. I’m actively involved in the Cascade Bicycle Club and love camping with my wife and daughter. My nemesis? Donuts. I’m a drummer at heart and have travelled the world over. Having lived there 13 years, I’ll always love New York City, but I’ll ask anyone who calls it “The Greatest City in the World” if they’ve been to Tokyo!